Lifestyle continuously evolves with the rise of technology. We can see the changes in technological advancement in our daily lives, including the way we travel. A vacation trip will not be complete without electronic devices like mobile phones, tablets, or cameras.

Social media, a gift of technology, has widely become a foundation for travel. Rarely do we see out-of-town trips where a vacation photo is not present in platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

While it is quite harmless to use social media on vacation, you can almost guarantee that you will find people focusing on their devices more than enjoying a trip. Fortunately, a resort in Bali took a stand against social media.

Ayana Resort and Spa, one of the most luxurious resorts in Bali, banned the use of gadgets in their swimming pools. The Bali attraction forbids guests from using cameras or smartphones on or around the River Pool, which provides a beautiful setting for those who want to take choreographed photoshoots and post it on social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook.

However, Ayana Resort and Spa has a compelling reason to encourage guests to stay away from technology while dipping in River Pool. On the resort’s website, they claim that they want to preserve River Pool’s relaxing and tranquilizing state. The ban stretches from 9 am to 5 pm, which solidifies River Pool’s aura as a nature haven and stress reliever.

The electronic device ban also encourages guests to engage in conversation and activities with their loved ones instead of isolating themselves while staring at phone screens. The rule also allows guests to enjoy the destination for its authenticity and peaceful atmosphere.

Ayana Resort and Spa provides lockers where guests can store their gadgets while they enjoy a swim at the River Pool. The resort also allows electronic devices by the poolside at the hours of 7-9am and 5-7pm, which will enable visitors to take their carefully crafted photos and post it on social media while making sure that the pool scene is phone-free during peak hours.

Vienna Takes a Stand

The movement against social media does not end with Ayana Resort and Spa. Austria’s capital, Vienna, launched a tourism campaign urging tourists to pocket their mobile phones and gadgets with their slogan: “See Vienna, not #Vienna.” The hashtag pertains to the tourists’ preference to post photos of their visit to Vienna instead of enjoying the experience in their magnificent city.

The Belvedere museum makes a colossal statement using painter Gustav Klimt’s “The Kiss,” one of Vienna’s most popular paintings. A replica of the said painting gets a large red hashtag painted over it with a tagline, “See Klimt, not #Klimt.

Despite the strong statement by the Belvedere museum, it remains balanced in the contrasting elements of digital communication and art. Stella Rollig, director of the Upper Belvedere gallery, reveals that they want to establish a peaceful environment where guests can experience the gallery without outside noise.

Norbert Kettner, Vienna Tourist Board’s managing director, shares that country’s campaign is to encourage tourists to focus on enjoying the country’s grandeur sites over putting screens and lenses between the visitor and the authentic view of Vienna