Millennials are now coming into their prime earning years. With more of this generation at the perfect age to earn money, travel companies working hard to figure out how to corner this demographic.

However, there is a specific trend that has travel brands wary, and that’s the low employment rate. Despite the improving job market, 13.3 percent of millennials are still without jobs. But this generation is using different methods to find employment.

Old School Networking

Networking is still a very effective way of landing a job, but millennials are doing it a little differently. Instead of the old-fashioned in-person introductions, this group is utilizing social media platforms like LinkedIn to establish contacts. They are also pro-active. Millennials are sending out short introduction emails and requesting 15 to 20 minutes of an employer’s time instead of waiting for an invitation. They don’t wait around for a specific job opening. They start building a connection that will hopefully open doors.

Matchmaking Services

Millennials are not as reluctant about matchmaking as previous generations, and there are more online job matching services than ever before. Many of these companies utilize data-intensive, job-matching programs to link job seekers with companies depending on their preferences, skills, and required talents. Individuals looking for employment can create a profile by either importing their LinkedIn information or uploading their resume. Once the account is registered, the program begins to supply the candidate with job postings commensurate to their qualifications, skills, and preferences.

Starting Their Own Business

Another thing that sets millennials apart is the ease and confidence they have in creating the perfect job for themselves. One study revealed that 35 percent of millennials with jobs are also running their own businesses. Meanwhile, 72 percent of those employed are considering quitting their jobs and striking out on their own. An impressive 27 percent of this generation are also self-employed, with more expected to start their individual companies. The unstable economy might have delayed some from starting a business, but it appears that more people are now gearing up to become entrepreneurs.