There are numerous places across the world where you can get the best New Year’s Eve experience with your loved ones. Here the top 10 best places with hard-earned reputations to help you grab a ticket early and go to the most captivating parties that you and your family will ever see.


Sydney Harbor is one of the loveliest natural waterfronts in the world. Every year it presents a new New Year theme to be witnessed by one million people. The outstanding midnight fireworks display continues to amaze one billion people worldwide.

The first of December is the beginning of summer in Sydney, Australia. Iconic beaches such as Bondi, Bronte, and Manly start to become busy and accommodate a lot of visitors. Before 2019 comes, you can explore the islands in the harbor and your family will fall in love with the welcoming parks that showcase magnificent sights you’ll never forget.

Hong Kong

The Ocean Park located at China’s southern coast is a famous amusement park with something for everybody. But, the countdown celebration before the New Year in Victoria Harbor is one of the leading and most highly-anticipated events in a remarkable cityscape in the world—Hong Kong. Set to music, the dazzling fireworks display is a moment travelers will never forget. To catch the event, the Park Lane Hong Kong and Hotel Icon are some of the best accommodations you can book when you visit the Hong Kong Skyline. Be sure to come two hours early to watch the circus shows and theater performances at Star Ferry Pier/Tsim Sha Tsui.


When it comes to partying, Bangkok, Thailand is the place for you. Being Asia’s best nightlife city that you can find, the country has outstanding bars particularly the Sirocco (Bangkok’s sky-high eating place) and the Red Sky where you’ll forget the ill feeling of the crowd because of the spectacular view out there. Along the Chao Phraya River, you can spend a significant new year with your friends at the Asiatique which is an entertainment area where you can also shop. Also, the Bangkok’s pride, Central World Plaza, is the most significant lifestyle shopping place in Southeast Asia and the 11th in the world. Try reveling in the celebrations in Bangkok and start 2019 off with an adventure.


Where can you find the tallest tower in the world? It’s in Dubai. Welcoming the New Year at Burj Khalifa brings an extraordinary fulfillment that you must experience. Imagine seeing the fireworks display in a 2,716.5-foot high-rise building; it’s breathtaking. Despite exploding brilliant fireworks during holiday seasons, the tower is known for its tranquility and frequently visited by families to spend quality time together.

Your vacation in Dubai would be noteworthy and if you’re looking for the best Italian tastes in the city-state of the United Arab Emirates, don’t miss out the Cavalli Club Dubai to treat your friends or loved ones. Spend your days in air-conditioned awe at the Dubai Mall.


Do you want to experience a new setting during New Year’s Eve? Visit the momentous Red Square in Moscow. You won’t mind the cold environment as the scenery you’ll see during the celebration is truly astonishing. It would be best if you stay at the Ritz-Carlton (a fantastic rooftop bar) located in the midst of Moscow.

Before or after spending the transition of the year, don’t forget to explore the other exciting places in Moscow. Have a chance to see the most visited tombs in the world—Vladimir Lenin’s, and get a glimpse of the Soviet era when you look at Cold War relics.

Cape Town

Cape Town, a coastal city in South Africa, begins to experience summer ahead of Australia which is in November. It’s an ideal time to visit the top-of-the-line wineries and vineyards around the area. Drinking the most exquisite wine at New Year’s Eve at Cape Point Vineyards is one of the most satisfying things you can do before the year ends.

Another highly recommended place to eat is the MAReSOL for its specialty is Portuguese cuisine. This is the right spot for you to view the fantastic fireworks display. Be mesmerized by the delicious servings and parties in South Africa.


Seeing the fireworks and numerous boats lined up in the Thames is a unique spectacle. That’s why tickets for London’s New Year’s Eve fireworks are quickly becoming sold out before the big night. But, don’t lose hope. You can still witness the fantastic display for free when you go to famous hilltops such as Parliament Hill on Hampstead Heath, Primrose Hill, Alexander Palace, and Greenwich Park.

To warm up and enjoy the event, Old Bell Tavern is the place to be. Being one of the oldest pubs in London, it serves superb liquors for adults since 1670. You may also want to try boarding the Monsoon Clipper as you can have live musical entertainment and an outstanding drink.

London is a magnificent place to visit. If you’re a fan of British crowned heads, visiting the Kensington Palace (where Queen Victoria was born) will satisfy your royal interests.

Rio de Janeiro

If you are looking for a fun-filled party, add Rio de Janeiro to your list. Fireworks display plus musical performances during New Year’s Eve at Copacabana Beach showcase the most colorful panorama that you’ll ever see in your life.

The Jobi bar, Rio de Janeiro’s social establishment, will never let you down. It has been operating since 1950 throws the most quintessentially Rio party in the city. If you want to try Samba, Carioca da Gema has a lot of exciting moments for you.

One more thing, Vista Chinesa is a must-visit spot in Brazil. Hike to the Chinese pagoda to have a fantastic mountaintop view outside the city and reach the most beautiful monuments of the Tijuca Forest.

New York

Who doesn’t know the famous Times Square Ball Drop in Manhattan? New York has been doing it since 1907, and you can always see it televised during New Year’s Eve from Manhattan. The feeling of physically seeing it dropping is astounding.

The best spot to see the fireworks display in New York is at Grand Army Plaza, near Brooklyn’s Prospect Park. A lot of people gather there early to save a space for them.

Las Vegas

Nevada’s pride, Las Vegas, has sparkling lights every night but to see the city’s best fireworks exhibition on New Year’s Eve is way different and extravagant. While the road is closed off, people enjoy the event and party all night long while they fire up their fireworks off their rooftops.

If you plan to spend the holiday in Las Vegas, it’s recommended to book a hotel room early before the rates skyrocket. Stratosphere Tower is frequently visited as it’s one of the state-of-the-art accommodations in Las Vegas.