Do you already need a break from work? Or maybe just a break from winter? Make up for the lost time from the holiday season with off-season travel deals. Popular travel destinations are more likely to offer budget-friendly deals for travelers this winter than during holiday or summer seasons. Also, prices on flights and hotel bookings are expected to drop so travelers can get the best deal possible during the lulls between tourism season.

Installing mobile apps such as Hopper or Skyscanner may be helpful for choosing a destination and planning a schedule within your budget. Save more on flights, which tend to eat up most of your budget. Also, monitoring affordable deals online can help you avoid the hassle of booking a flight last minute.

The Bahamas

Soak in the sun, sand and ocean on your trip to the Bahamas this winter. Treat yourself on your winter getaway! Summer vacation is usually season for these resorts, so take advantage of flight, hotel and adventure deals! The island is still warm in the winter and the ocean remains perfectly turquoise.

A round-trip flight from the east coast offer as low as $250, while resorts and hotels prices, others with inclusive packages, may range between $100 to $200 per night. Drink in that Vitamin D soon on your budget Bahamas winter getaway.

New Mexico

Don’t feel like the island life? Give Taos, New Mexico a try. It may not seem to be a popular travel destination when you plan your dream vacay, but neither do most people! That is why Taos is so perfect. It a hidden and affordable gem to cure your winter blues. Taos has ski resorts, so if you’re into it, pack some winter gear and ski the week away. The place is also special to artists. Several art galleries and museums showcase cultural artworks.

Booking a round-trip flight from either the east or west coast, prices start at $225. Looking for places to stay in within your budget shouldn’t be a problem, not unless you decide to check-in at high-end ski resorts.

Quebec City

Love winter but just bored with your hometown? Allons-y to Quebec City. This mostly French-speaking city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its long-standing history. Visitors are encouraged to explore the different historical sites and see beautiful architecture, stone buildings, and cobblestone streets. Immerse yourself in the Canadian winter and heritage.

An average of about $200 for round-trip flight can be booked coming from the east coast. Around $100 should be enough for one night but some hotels charge higher. Gain a new appreciation for winter in this romantic old city.