Moments are fleeting, especially on vacation. You only have a finite amount of time to soak in your adventure, so you should try your best to be present. Here are five tips and tricks to help you be more conscious during your next trip:

Avoid Social Media 

If you want to experience the moment while you are on vacation, it is better that you stay off your social media. Yes, it is one way to connect with your friends and update them. However, you are spending hours clicking and scrolling on your Instagram without even knowing it! Avoid the apps and enjoy your adventure.

A social media detox can help you admire the place and be more connected to your surroundings. It will also help break your nasty habit of constantly scrolling instead of living in the moment.  You can always revisit it and download every picture that you have while on vacation later. Relish in what the world can offer you, not what’s happening online.

Turn Off Your Phone

Better yet, leave your phone behind! If you have your phone accessible, you’re still detached from your surroundings. Put your phone completely out of your reach or switch it on airplane mode. Enjoy your company, go for a walk, order a drink, or just take in the view. Live slower without technology.

Leave Work in the Office

Work will be there when you get home. Take advantage of your time off. Not only because of how much you need it, but also because it is vital for your health. So, before you go on vacation mode, turn on your out of office notification status or notification to help you resist the urge to check your inbox. It will help you have a more tranquil trip instead of turning you into a mess because of all those emails. Also, which is very critical, is leave your laptop and paperwork at work.

Take Time To Contemplate

To get the most of your vacation, it best to take time to reflect. According to the research done by Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, they found that when you meditate while on vacation, it helps in improving your immune system and gets rid of stress. It also is a simple way to become more conscious in your life. Doing at least 10 minutes of contemplation after you wake up can aid in increasing your level of mindfulness, which can give you a clear mind to make new memories.

Pictures Can Wait

Taking photos while on vacation is fun! It helps you remember those special moments and also acts as a souvenir. However, spending your entire time behind the lens during your trip is a bad idea. According to Steve Taylor, Ph.D., looking through the lens only creates an obstacle between you and your environment, making you disengaged from the actual scene. 

Let’s face it; no one cares how many pictures of food, the beach, or the sunset you take no matter how wonderful it is. Relax and delve in the beauty of what your vacation can offer and cherish the memories. It is far more precious rather than taking a million pictures and thinking of your impending work.