Traveling is one of the best adventures a person can experience. You get to see the world with your very eyes and know the culture and history of the places that you visit. However, there is one step that you have to go through before going on a trip. You have to pack your luggage, and most people think it is the most confusing and stressful part of traveling. Though for me, it is quite simple if you know the essential tips or know-how.

Some people have difficulty packing their belongings because they want to bring as much as they can fit in large suitcases. You have to become a smart packer and learn when you can carry only one luggage- your carry-on. There are ways where you can squeeze all the essentials into your carry-on that can last you even a few weeks. Doing this will help you save money and the hassle of bringing around multiple suitcases. It is always best to pack light, and I will share with you three different instances when you can do so. I will also give you some tips for packing light. 

Three Packing Scenarios

1. Traveling Through Different Climates

There will be cases when you have to plan for a trip where you will have to undergo different types of climates. You may spend a few days at the beach in a tropical country and transfer to the chilly mountains afterward. It seems like you would have to pack so many pieces of clothing to suit the weather, but it does not necessarily mean that way. 

If your trip lasts longer than a week and you are planning to bring only your carry-on, you will have to do some laundry. It will save you the hassle of carrying such a heavy suitcase full of clothes. Some hotels offer this service, or you can go to a nearby laundromat. You can even do it yourself in the bathroom!

Get creative with your fashion. You can’t plan out outfits using varied types of clothing because it is not efficient. You need to look for garments that can serve two or more different purposes. Find one of those jackets that have several pockets that you can utilize; if it is a light down, even better! That will keep you dry in the rain, warm during chilly nights at the beach, and toasty during a mountain trek. 

For multiple climates, the key is layering. You can bring a few shirts that you can wear both in hot and cold environments. For the cooler weather, you can place on a jacket over it. If it is much colder, you can put on multiple layers of warmer garments. Try not to bring too many bulky layers and bring a jacket with you on the airplane to save some space in your suitcase for the other essentials. 

One option you have if your trip starts in a warm climate and ends at freezing weather is to have your bulky warm garments mailed to your destination. It is slightly pricey, but it would be worth it if you don’t want to string along a weighty suitcase for weeks. You can also bring some old clothes that you wouldn’t mind leaving behind throughout the trip.

2. Cruise Necessities

The necessary things for a cruise ship like shorts, shirts, and swimsuits can easily fit into your carry-on,  but there is one attire that will take much space in your suitcase. You’ve got to pack either a tux or a ballgown for formal night.

Fortunately, many cruises do not host formal nights anymore. However, if you are on a cruise ship that still holds the tradition of formal nights, you can rent some dressy garments on board the vessel. If you want, you can bring a decent pair of slacks and a nice-looking jacket for men. Also, bring multiple ties to switch it up if there is more than one formal night.

For women, it would be best to bring a little black dress. For multiple formal nights, you can wear the same clothing but wear different kinds of accessories. You can wear various scarves, shawls, or pieces of jewelry. Also, you can select shoes that you can use for the other attire that you are planning to bring. 

Remember, the most important tip would be to learn how to mix and match your clothes. You can bring clothing that you can wear both in a semi-formal setting and a casual activity. You pair your tops with different bottoms like shorts, skirts or pants. Swimsuits for women make great additions to outfits. A one-piece becomes a bodysuit under trousers, your cute bikini top is a bralette under a sheer blouse. Think outside the box.

3. Traveling for Business

When you are traveling for business purposes, the most vital thing to remember is to bring garments that will make you look professional. You can bring one neutral-colored jacket and slacks, and pair them with different tops. You can reuse the same suit pants on multiple occasions, and no one will notice. You should pack some jewelry and other accessories. Bring with you only one pair of dress shoes that can match all the outfits you’ve packed.

Since you are going on a business trip, you will have to bring the necessary gadgets for your appointment. Luckily, tech advancement has allowed employees to access their files through their tablets or even smartphones. If you need to bring folders, make sure only to pack what you need. Leave those that you won’t necessarily be using or needing. When you come home after attending a conference, you may have the hotel mail all the freebies and other materials to your office instead of packing it into your cramped suitcase. 

Essential Tips for Packing Light

  1. Limit yourself to two pairs of pants or shoes because it takes up so much space. Also, wear the bulkier stuff on the plane.
  2. When you are traveling for more than one week, opt to do laundry. Do not bring too many clothes.
  3. Choose pieces of clothing that can you can mix and match with other garments so that you can reuse each of the items. 
  4. Be sure that you only pack the essentials. If there are things that you think you might need, don’t bring it. You can buy it at your destination in the situation that you will need it. 
  5. If you want to bring something to read, use e-reader instead of packing physical books. Books are heavy, and they take up a lot of space. 
  6. All airlines permit their passengers to bring a personal item, which can be a small bag, purse or a laptop bag, as long as they fit in the seat in front of you. Place as much of your items as you can into this and maximize its space. 
  7. For your carry-on suitcase, make use of all the space in it. Place whatever you can into all the little pockets and zippers. Also, you can stuff your shoes with your socks or underwear to maximize the space.

Packing is truly a hassle, but if you follow these tips, you will find it more tolerable.  Always try your best to pack only the essentials because packing light could have a big impact on how much you enjoy your travels.