San Francisco offers every level of trail you could want. If you’re into challenging hikes in terms of elevation or distance, explore Mount Diablo, the Dipsea Trail’s valley to the beach route, or Alamere Falls with a 40-ft. tidefall and a hidden beach. Your challenge will pay off with gorgeous views of cliffs, oceans, and woodlands, and you should be sporting some pretty sore muscles the following day.

For a flatter, smoother path, nature shines on a less strenuous hike through the Windy Hill Open Space Preserve, the Golden Gate Bridge, or Muir Woods. The Golden Gate route will have you within arm’s distance of the bay while the preserve will show you wildlife as well as amazing vantage points.

If you’re an intermediate backpacker, you should check out some of the trails around the Presidio, Lands End, and the Marin Headlands. All will feed your wanderlust, give you natural tranquility, and show you the most amazing views within a few miles of the city.

Best Places to Rest Your Head

Before and after you’ve had your outside exploration, you’ll want a comfy place to relax or enjoy the city. All of these awesome hike locations are within a few miles of a Holiday Inn Express, Holiday Inn, and Kimpton Buchanan.

For the more urban-chic among us, the Kimpton Buchanan Hotel has all of the pampering you deserve after a great day outside: city views, evening wine and social hours, private balconies, yoga mats, loaner bikes, and a full list of replacement items that we forget when packing. We’re brought from the natural world into the land of sophistication.