There are lovely locations that a lot of travelers don’t know and must discover. Europe’s charming towns showcase rich culture, history, outstanding food, and magnificent views that offer beautiful experiences for tourists. Here are the most romantic small towns in Europe that you will truly fall in love with:

Giethoorn, the Netherlands

Regarded as “The Venice of the Netherlands” because of its stunning and peaceful canals, Giethoorn is located in the northern part of Holland. Several country cottages with thatched roofs on small peat islands were built 100 years ago. Their attractive facades will amaze you and your travel companion.

Some of the most exciting features in Giethoorn are the more than 170 small wooden bridges connecting the islands. The locals use boats instead of cars for transportation. You’ll cherish the moment with your partner when you rent your boat to row down the gondolier-free waterways.

Hallstätt, Austria

Hallstätt is a small town in Gmunden district of Austria, and it’s known for having numerous Alpine houses that were built in the 16th century. The place has produced salt since prehistoric times. Don’t miss boarding a ferry for an unforgettable experience on your trip. The glassy lake surrounds magnificent Dachstein mountains.

With a small population of approximately less than 800 people, this is as close to a fairy tale you could imagine in real life. It would be a serene place to stay and spend quality time with your partner. You will cherish dates at any of the candlelit restaurants across town. If you want to visit larger cities across Austria for additional excitement, Hallstätt is near Salzburg which is only a one-hour drive away. You could also try Vienna, which is three hours away.

Taormina, Italy

You’ll wish to stay longer at Belmond Grand Hotel Timeo. It’s a renowned hotel in Taormina, Italy and the world. Having your honeymoon in a cliff top town on the island of Sicily is a one-of-a-kind experience. You and your partner get to see the astounding views of the Ionian Sea and Mount Etna. Most travelers love it here because of the rich history and ancient ruins. Plus, you’ll always be energized and in a good mood thanks to the cafes across the street.

Soglio, Switzerland

An exquisite Swiss town that borders Italy. People call Soglio “The Gateway to Paradise.” It is relaxing to stroll across the cobblestone streets. You can stop and smell the roses, literally, at the garden of the historic Palazzo Salis. The vista is so magnificent that you wonder how they haven’t made a “The Sound of Music” reboot here. Be mesmerized with the fresh air when you do mountaineering and experience all the alpine adventures you can.

Bled, Slovenia

Bled, a tiny town in Slovenia, has several traditional wooden rowboats called “pletna” that can take you to the lavish island in the middle of the lake. There’s a church in the island surrounded by the glittering lake where locals believe that when you ring its bell, it can make your dreams come true. Don’t miss this spot to spend a romantic getaway with your partner. A castle built in the 12th century stands high on a cliff. The view of the lake is unbeatable.

Aveiro, Portugal

A very passionate place in Portugal, Aveiro is home to plenty of candy-colored structures and boats on each canal. Don’t miss the Portuguese pastries at available cafés in Aveiro for a tasty treat. Plan a romantic picnic under the shady palms of Jardim do Rossio with your special someone by riding a “moliceiro boat” through the garden first. It’s also worth the trip to Art Nouveau which is a city-museum in Portugal. By taking a walking tour, you’ll feel the charisma of the subtle and seductive art period of the 20th century.

Benasque, Spain

See the most breathtaking small town in Spain edged by the tallest peaks in the Pyrenees mountain range—Benasque. Spending a passionate moment at a village in the Swiss Alps will entice you to explore Spain. A lot of wood-paneled restaurants can offer you spiced wines as a fragrant finish to your day. For utmost satisfaction, head to a romantic boutique hotel in Benasque Valley to have a chance to be greeted by the silhouette of the renowned Gallinero peak. The town is perfect for nature lovers.

Annecy, France

One of the most treasured places in France can be found in the small town called Annecy, “The Venice of Savoie.” You’ll be delighted at the emerald waters of the lake. Cobblestone streets make a refreshing moment for you and your partner to stroll.  The sloping hillsides and bridged-covered canals can be the perfect background if you are planning a European proposal. If not, sit and enjoy the scenery and laid back French lifestyle at a café with a delicious croissant.

Geiranger, Norway

Now and then, a lot of hopeless romantics visit Norway, particularly the Geiranger because of its postcard-perfect setting.  You’ll find here a friendly atmosphere to have a breathtaking outside terrace watching. Have a relaxing moment through a boat ride. Fall in love with “The Suitor,” a famous waterfall protected by UNESCO. Don’t miss your chance to treat your partner to a fantastic restaurant, Brasserie Posten, located at the edge of the creek.

Iseo, Italy

The most tranquil spot in Italy is the Lake Iseo where you can achieve a perfect moment with your partner. The Monte Isola is a spectacular mountain surrounded by the lovely lake that you can find. It’s a passionate area where most travelers haven’t explored yet. It showcases brilliant piazzas, old castles and Romanesque churches that all romantics must visit for a satisfying vacation. Iseo is an excellent destination to have a glimpse of the past and perfect for lovers.