Traveling to a new country could be exciting but also confusing at the same time. Culture, time zone, currency, and economy could be different from what you were used to. So you should keep up on current events and travel requirements for tourists in your dream destination.

Turkey belongs to the 16 UNESCO World Heritage sites. It is known for hot air balloons, Roman history, and delicious treats. Turkey has become one of the world’s biggest travel destinations. Through the efforts of INFLOW Travel Summit, the country has spiced up its commitment to travelers to provide safety and retain its status as a safe destination for everyone.

If you are considering exploring the country this 2019, here are some of the things you should know first:

1. The Country’s History

Going to any destination, it pays to know about even a little of its history. This way, you would have an idea and a background of how their culture has been shaped and other factors they are of influence.

Knowing Turkey’s history can get you accustomed to its capital, culture, people, and architecture. Learning what the country has been through in the past can make you understand its people better.

2. Know its Famous Buildings

Touring around Turkey is an exciting experience. Understanding its prominent buildings and architecture styles can also give you a background about its do’s and don’ts.

Researching about this can help you make a better itinerary to visit the most to least essential (if you cannot tour on all).

3. Know their Delicacies and Dishes

One thing you would not be able to forget about a country is how its food made you feel. Pork is mostly a no-go in the predominantly Muslim nation. Opt instead for beef, chicken or even vegetarian options to really get a feel for the cuisine.

Obviously, you have to try the street-food and go for a nice refreshing fruit drink on a hot, sunny day. You can also try different seafood like oysters and fresh fish.

4. Visit Turkish Baths

One of the most unforgettable experiences you can cherish during your visit to Turkey is its Turkish Baths. Hammam is the equivalent to a spa. You may enjoy the massage as you indulge in their subtle way of showcasing customs and culture.

Do not worry about getting nude. Someone who is gender-appropriate for you will assist you. Hammams also provide wraps so that you would feel more comfortable.

5. Cappadocia is the Place to Be

Cappadocia is the home of the beautiful and amazing hot air balloons Turkey is known for. In fact, this place is one of the best hot air balloon destinations in the entire world. The area also prides itself on its UNESCO World Heritage status thanks to its fairy chimneys and distinctive caves.

Enjoy the magic the whole place can offer by riding hot air balloons, horses, and strolling around the entire site.

6. Hit the Beach

There are also beaches in Turkey that you may enjoy. Better to visit around June to September to make sure that it will be warm, and you get to enjoy the sand well. Other months are jacket-season. You may need thicker clothing.

During these cold months, there are also more people compared to summer time. If you want to avoid being in a crowded place, summer is the best time to visit.

7. Protests Happen

You may have the impression that there are rising protests in Turkey that makes it less attractive for tourists and other visitors. Protests are not a surprise.

Rest assured that you do not have to worry too much on your safety. You can avoid places once they are announced or you may want to try a new activity should there be any protests arise.

8. Bring Turkish Lira with You

To be able to pay for most of the commodities and other services in Turkey, it is best to exchange your dollars or other currencies to Lira. This way, you could be able to provide payments even there is no credit card or ATMs that can cater to your card.

You can also use the Lira for personal horse transport or activities like horseback riding. You can get to enjoy street food as well, as these vendors do not accept card payments.

9. Learn a Little of their Language

Language is necessary to communicate. If you are an alien to the country, you might find yourself struggling to communicate with Turkish people because you cannot speak their language and they may not know English.

Try to study the most common phrases you know you would use more often like, “Where is the [location/place]?” “How much?” “Do you speak English?” “What is your name?” to name a few. Knowing these phrases can help you get by.

10. Make Sure You Have Your Visa

Most countries around the globe are required by the Turkish government to acquire a visa before their visit. Applying for one should not be a hassle because it can be filed online through the internet or even your mobile device.

Before your visa application, ensure that your passport has at least six months of validity and would not expire by the time you are in Turkey. This is to avoid being held or other problems that could be challenging to deal especially when you are in a foreign land.

Traveling to Turkey is a wonderful experience you will surely cherish for a lifetime. Knowing these things could help you reduce or eliminate problems that may occur during your visit.