Amsterdam is the perfect European city for a weekend away. It’s a popular destination for couple and family trips, culture lovers and coffee enthusiasts – as well as for traveling equestrians. That’s right! Equestrians who are doing horse shows but would love to spend their extra time in Europe will enjoy the laid back and calming weekends in Amsterdam, which transitions from a walking tour around the city to a food adventure of its signature delicacies.

If you’re planning to stay in Amsterdam for 2-3 days, this itinerary is the perfect way to enjoy the Dutch city in a short period.

Day 1

On your first day, try visiting the bohemian neighborhood of De Pijp, which translates to as “The Pipe.” Lose yourself and discover the colorful mix of cuisines and cafes in this lively Latin Quarter of Amsterdam. You’ll find the 4-star hotel, Sir Albert Hotel, which is a great place for your weekend trip if you haven’t booked hotel accommodations yet.

If you’re looking for fine dining, head on to Guts & Glory which is only a 20-minute walk from Sir Albert Hotel. It’s one of the city’s classic food hot spots.

The main chef of Guts & Glory offers up to 7-course menu to its customers that alters once every three months. It may offer a Spanish inspired cuisine, with a smoked ham and Manchego cheese croquettes as a starter followed by baked paella topped with marinated mussels. Add a touch of Spanish red wine, and this could be your perfect simple yet impactful dinner experience in Amsterdam.

Walking your way back to your hotel on the moonlit canals of De Pijp provides a welcome warm reflection of your first day at the Dutch city.

Day 2

Amsterdam isn’t known for its breakfast. Local survive on espresso and pastry like croissants. But, you can try breakfast at Izakaya, a culinary hotspot in Amsterdam that offers a high-level dining experience. It’s located in the same building as Sir Albert boutique hotel. They may provide you with a European-inspired breakfast buffet matched with a pure relaxing atmosphere in an “urban chic” setting.

To start off your day, you should visit the flower market located right in the middle of downtown. The “tulip mania” market is a very famous place which started way back to 1637 wherein it reached a peaked selling equivalent to US$5 million today. These lovely tulips, which now cost around €4 per package today, are still a favorite by locals and travelers. You’ll find many vendors in rows selling varieties of tulips in this area.  

From the flower market, it’s easy to locate the famous museum dedicated to Anne Frank. Make sure you you purchase all your museum tickets online and very early because they sell out fast.

For lunch, head to Amsterdam Pancakes which is located right in front of the museum. They make the best Dutch style pancakes in the neighborhood. Their classic pancake is created to perfection, grilled and topped with apples and cheese.

In the afternoon, you may want to go to the Van Gogh Museum and discover the vibrant impressionist culture. Lastly, spend your evening schedule for a boat tour of the canals. The canal system has been around for over 400 years, and it’s a primary mode of transportation and at the same time a mode of exploration for locals and visitors. To complete your evening, you may have your dinner at the Vermeer restaurant, where you can enjoy an excellent dining experience with a tasty Dutch haute cuisine.

Day 3

Have your breakfast at coffee bar Hypotakaway where you’ll enjoy a perfect cup of coffee, while you wait for the GVB (Gemeentevervoerbedrijf) Tram, a public transport that runs throughout Amsterdam.

The Red Light District is a must-visit. It’s famous for its lively night scene, but you might as well enjoy a daylight walk through the district where you’ll get to witness the 17th-century old style architecture of buildings and the narrow streets.

For souvenirs and unique items, you may find them at the Antiquariaat bookstore where you can score vintage magazines and well-preserved old maps. Lastly, end your day with a Japanese-Latin American fusion cuisine inspired dinner at Izakaya.

Day 4 in Amsterdam

Hotel checkouts are usually at noon, but you may leave your bags with the concierge for a last-minute visit to the museums. In particular, you should not miss going to the Rijksmuseum where you’ll see the impressive works of 17th century Dutch Golden age painters such as Vermeer, Rembrandt, De Hooch and many more. The Rijksmuseum is a brick cathedral-like building that captivates the eyes of many visitors.

Before you leave the Museum Square and the city, don’t forget to snap a picture in front of the well-known “I Amsterdam” sculpture to complete your Amsterdam short weekend trip.