Travelling is fun, relaxing, and even life-changing at times. The problem is, there are two sides to traveling. One is the actual travel and experiencing new places. The other is the mundane, boring, and sometimes frustrating transportation. From getting your papers to going through airports, the ugly underbelly of travel plagues everyone. Make getting there a little smoother with this list of carry on musts:

The Very Basic

Baggage and air travel aren’t supposed to be bad, but there have been horror stories. Hence here are most basic of basic things that if possible, you should have in your carry on or on your person.

Documents: This includes your passport, visas, tickets, anything related to your travel has to be with you at all times.

Prescribed Medication: With airport rules being what they keep your medication and their prescription with you. Also, to keep from any hassle keep your medication in the original container.

Cash and Valuables: Pretty much what this means is your wallet, smartphone, and laptop. Include jewelry too if you have it. There have been cases of luggage theft, even with carry ons so best keep things in sight and close by so it won’t ruin your trip.

The Essentials

These are the bare essentials of any trip. It is good to have a small set of these handy in case you lose your luggage, or for any unfortunate incident during your travel.

Extra Clothes: If the airline loses your checked baggage, or you spill food all over yourself on a plane, it’s good to have an extra outfit handy. It is best to have an outfit ready so keep it basic like a light pair of pants, a shirt, socks, and underwear. You don’t know what might happen so keeping a quick and ready set can be a lifesaver.

Toiletries: this is a bit tricky but possible and important especially if you are on some business trip. Your toiletries (toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, etc.) must all fit in a one-quart zipper plastic bag, with each liquid container not exceeding 100ml.

Glasses and Scarf: Well, of course, you need your glasses to see so don’t lose them, the assumption, however, is that you are wearing them. Now air travel can get reasonably cold so a light jacket or a simple scarf can do wonders for you especially on a long trip. Just like with the glasses, at one point it will be better to have them on.

Personal Picks

These items are still quite essential but are either not as important to the first categories or do not apply to everyone. Again, these items can be vital to your trip so packing them into your carry on is highly recommended.

Electronics: So, we mentioned your smartphone earlier, but these include MP3 players, tablets, power banks. Things that will keep you entertained especially on those super long flights. Not to mention chargers so that you don’t run out of power.

Food: Now, this tip is for the type of person who has allergies and doesn’t want to risk it with airplane food. Keep your snacks packed in your carry on, so you don’t have to worry about being hungry mid-trip.

This list is a basic guide to make packing for your next adventure a little bit easier. Keep in mind that we may have left out something important for you. You don’t have to follow this to a T, but use it as a template. This list is just to help give you an idea once you start packing.