Nashville is the home of steel guitars, country music, and Kenny Rogers. Even if you aren’t a fan, you don’t have to pass a trip to Music City. Whether you’re with family, friends or a loved one, you can visit Nashville and have the time of your life without even looking at cowboy boots and line dancing.

Check Out Live Music Venues

They don’t call Nashville “Music City” for nothing! This city is the place for music enthusiasts because it is home to 130+ live music venues and is a proud home to many musicians from all genres.

The live music scene in Nashville is vibrant and diverse with impressive rock, soul, blues, jazz and indie bars, and clubs to energize you throughout the night. If you love the tunes of Motown, then you should find your beat at The Basement, The End and 5 Spot.

If you are looking for touring bands, a section of the city will meet your tastes. Visit Cannery Ballroom, High Watt and the Mercy Lounge; make sure to check their nightly schedule before dropping by. But if you are scouting for local talent and you don’t want the crowd, we recommend the 3rd & Lindsley.

Good Eats are Around Every Corner

Nashville knows food. It is home to the hottest restaurants in the region and in 2017 alone, more than 100 establishments opened to serve the city’s hungry customers.

If you want to savor the classics, visit Rolf and Daughters or Husk Nashville for the finest in country food. If you are looking for seafood, Henrietta Red’s oysters will make you feel at home. Meanwhile, a lovely tapas bar known as Barcelona is also drawing in patrons all day, every day.

But if you want your food fast and hot, there’s no reason to wait when you visit the fast-casual restaurants in Music City. Check out the mouth-watering chicken menu at Hattie B and if burgers are your comfort food, visit Hugh Baby’s for burgers that will melt your heart.

And for pizza lovers, Nashville also has Slim & Husky’s. Don’t forget to order extra cheese and don’t miss out on their weekly specials.

Find the Finest Craft Beers

No one leaves Nashville without trying their hand at the craft beer scene. Music City is where you’ll taste the best pale ales, IPAs, and red ales. Some of the most celebrated craft breweries that you must check out are: Jackalope, Tennessee Brew Works and Yazoo Brewing Co. Here, you can come over and check out their best brews. You may even find out how these beers are made by joining special tours of the best breweries in the city.

Take in the History

The city of Nashville played an essential role during the Civil War and this seen in the many empty structures and buildings that bear scars and bullet holes. Take a tour of the city’s rich history and visit plantations, slave homes, battlegrounds and museums that honor the memory of people who fought during the time.

Take a glimpse of what pre-war Tennessee looks like by visiting an Antebellum plantation home known as the Belle Meade Plantation. And if you want a unique way to tour this historical city, join ghost tours where you can explore reported haunted places in Nashville. Tourists swear that they can’t forget their experiences at the Tennessee State Prison and the Wheatlands Plantation, two of the most haunted in the city.

Ride Down the Harpeth River

What a way to end your Nashville adventure than a ride down The Harpeth River? Take a slow-moving canoe ride and explore the banks of this famed, slow-moving river. But pay attention, there are several easy rapids that can catch you off guard. The stream is clear and serene; you can even tie your boat on the shore and go for a quick swim!

Another fun thing to do near the Harpeth River is to hike along Gossett Tract Trail. This is a 2-mile easy hiking grass and natural surface trail found along the river bank. You’ll also be able to fish or bird watch along the banks of this scenic river.

Canoe-access areas are found in almost all takeout points near the river except near archaeological areas. There are activities for the novice to advanced riders as well. You may also bring your watercraft or canoe, or you can call local boat rentals for more information.

Shopping in Nashville

Looking for souvenirs? Head off to shopping areas in Hillsboro Village, Germantown, Marathon Village, and 12th Avenue South. Here, you’ll find several shops that sell local items like custom-made denim and boots. If you plan to redecorate when you arrive home, try the Hillsboro Village where you will find an extensive collection of ceramics, gifts, and houseware items. If you love hunting for good finds, there are antique shops and thrift shops galore.

Nashville shopping also features independent stores that sell almost everything you need for your vacation. You don’t even need to bring your outfit for your trip. And if you’re looking for sustainable clothing, visit stores like Emil Erwin and Local Honey.

And since you are in Nashville, why not visit Hatch Snow Print, a local business that creates graphic print materials for music artists using hand-cut letterpresses. At the shop, you can join workshops, or you can make your poster as one of a kind souvenir.

Feast on Barbecue

Loosen those belts and get ready for a fight at Nashville’s famous barbeque scene. You’ll go dizzy from all the different barbeque to choose from, and don’t forget a long list for the sides and sauces.

There’s something about slow roasting and grilling meat that locals love. And because of their love for barbecued dishes, many dining establishments exclusively for barbecue lovers are found all over the city. Get ready to taste the best BBQ eats at Peg Leg Porker, Jack’s or at Martin’s three of the best-rated barbeque restaurants in Music City.

Spend A Quiet Afternoon at The Natchez Trace Parkway

The Natchez Trace Parkway is one of the most scenic two-lane roads in the country. It’s historic past also adds magic as you take the 444-mile drive from Nashville to Natchez. The parkway was once called the Old Natchez Trace, a place where migrating bison moved and where Native Americans traveled and traded.  

The Parkway today is a stunning road that moves alongside trees and open farmland. It is a fantastic way to get to know rural Tennessee and to appreciate the scenic landscape from Nashville to Natchez. And as you drive up this historic road, don’t forget to visit the Loveless Café. This is where you’ll get to eat to sample their famous fluffy biscuits.

Another restaurant along the Parkway is Old Country Store where you’ll get the chance to taste Southern-style fried chicken. You’ll enjoy their fried chicken plus delicious sides and sauces. And for a laid-back atmosphere, choose Trace Grill. This is a place to find Southern comfort food such as fried chicken, sandwiches, burgers and more. No matter what your favorite food is, you’ll see it when you drive up the parkway.

Pick A Guitar

Nashville is also known for its impressive guitars. The world’s most massive vintage guitar and musical instrument shop Gruhn Guitars is found in Music City. Gruhn’s has a large inventory of guitars including a 1917 Gibson mandola as well as a 1970s Epiphone. When you buy a souvenir guitar from Gruhn Guitars, you’ll be in the likes of Robert Plant, Eric Clapton, and Paul McCartney, just some of the company’s most esteemed customers.

Other guitar shops in Nashville include Fanny’s House of Music and Corner Music. Fanny’s is known as one of Nashville’s best guitar shops because it’s easy and so comfortable to shop here.    

Visit the Frist

If you love the arts, you must visit the Frist Center for Visual Arts. This is where you’ll find an impressive collection of domestic and foreign art. The Frist is vast; you need at least a day or two to thoroughly explore its 24,000 square feet of space. The Frist does not have a permanent collection, but only the best has been featured here.

Aside from the Frist, check The Arts Company, a 6,000 square-foot historical building founded in 1996. This contemporary museum is home to a large number of artists including Brenda Buffett, Edward Belbusti and Thornton Dial.

Aside from featuring the latest artworks from top artists, The Company also sponsors cultural work. If you are here on a first Saturday of the month, drop by to join their First Saturday Art Crawl Downtown. This is an exhibition together with other art galleries in Nashville. The Company also opens its doors to visitors monthly to enhance the appreciation of culture and the arts.

Nashville definitely has its charms. Let this year be your year to visit Music City and experience it in the fresh eyes of a tourist, country music believer or not.