Amsterdam, Netherland’s capital, is one of the most famous cities in the world. Holland also boasts eye-catching and gigantic wooden windmills, which is one of its most iconic national symbols. People also travel to the Netherlands to try popular Dutch cheese. Dutch people are cheese lovers, which makes it an attractive destination if you want to try different types of cheeses.

However, Holland’s popularity surges every spring by attracting over a million visitors to its famous tulip fields. Those fields scatter across Lisse, a town south of Amsterdam. Lisse is also home to the Keukenhof Gardens, also known as the “Gardens of Europe.” Tourists can find and absorb the beauty of over 7 million Dutch Tulips scattered around vast fields. The magnificent and beautiful landscape provides visitors with a dramatic picture and a wonderful experience.

How to Visit Keukenhof Gardens

There are plenty of paths for tourists to get to Keukenhof Gardens from the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Traveling by train is the most efficient option for visitors as the Keukenhof Express bus line 858 will be able to take you from the exit of the Schiphol airport to the Keukenhof Gardens entrance. With the garden situated only about 30 to 35 minutes away from the airport, tourists will have a relatively easy commute. The bus ride costs around 5 EUR.

Admission Prices for Keukenhof Gardens

Organized tour (Transfer + Entrance ticket) is 38 EUR per person

Entrance fee costs 8 EUR for kids and 18 EUR for adults

Parking fee is 6 EUR, while valet or parking guide cost 5 EUR with a free map

Bike rental costs 10 EUR

The boat trip is 4 EUR for kids and 8 EUR for adults

There are restaurants inside the park that represents Dutch dining, both traditional and modern. However, tourists may find the menus expensive for their taste. Pack food ahead of time and have a picnic while you admire the flowers! There are designated areas in the Keukenhof Gardens where visitors can eat and enjoy the scenery.

Tourists can also purchase guided tours online or on the Keukenhof Gardens’ website. The tours range from half-day tours, whole day tours, tours with guide and transfer, and more. Guests will also get the privilege to skip the long lines and a discount when purchasing tickets online. Some tour packages also include visits to other tourist attractions.

Exploring the Beautiful Tulip Fields

The Keukenhof Garden is the best place for Dutch Tulip lovers around the world as it contains over seven million bulbs in full bloom at over 79 acres during spring. There are over 800 different types of tulips and other fauna available for tourists to enjoy. During March to May, the garden is open daily. However, it is essential that you plan your visit to avoid going to the park on a busy day, which is usually during the weekend or holidays.

Visit the fields in the morning during a weekday for a chance to take pictures around the park without so many people accidentally getting into your memorable images. Some of the best places to take photos around the park are at the windmill and near the pond.

Plan your visit to the gardens during the last two weeks in April if you want to get the best experience during your stay. The flowers are ready to be cut off near the end of spring season, which may give you a chance to take a freshly-cut one home as a souvenir. As long Keukenhof Gardens is open during spring, your trip to the Netherlands is worth it.

The Keukenhof Gardens Experience

The Keukenhof Gardens is a public park. However, it still has rules to keep its beautiful scenery intact. Visitors can walk around the park freely but must avoid stepping on the grass or flowers. The majority of tourists are often unaware of this rule. It is also essential for you to remember that you cannot bring your bike or kick scooter into the garden. Also, visitors can only have picnics near the windmill.

The Keukenhof Gardens offer other activities other than flower sightseeing. There are many flower arranging presentations and exhibitions around the five pavilions of the gardens. It also provides a treasure hunt activity, playground, maze, and a petting farm to keep kids entertained. Moreover, the park houses a classic Dutch windmill by the tulip fields. Visitors can also go on a boat trip to get a breathtaking view of the fantastic scenery full of flower bulbs.

The Netherlands makes sure that visitors will get the whole Dutch experience by filling the attraction with many traditional Dutch symbols like the cow carrying Dutch cheese and the wooden clogs.

You can bring your dog to the park. However, you may sometimes feel the need to carry your dog to avoid getting stepped on during a crowded weekend afternoon. It is safer for people to avoid bringing their pets in the park to avoid injury or disappearance.

Weekend Rush

The city of Amsterdam alone is already a tourist destination, which means that the Netherlands will be flocking with tourists during spring. Most visitors will want to visit during weekends, but the sheer amount of people attending the Keukenhof Gardens will make them think twice.

From the airport, tourists will experience a busy traffic jam because tour buses from neighboring countries will block the road at around 3 or 4 kilometers around the park. Visitors may sit still in traffic for about half an hour before arriving at the parking spot, which will be full at that time. A packed parking space will force tourists to find other parking spots away from the park in hopes of avoiding the long lines of cars looking for an area at the garden’s main entrance.

You will notice that the ticket lines for the boat trip and the windmill are both long during the weekend. It may take about an hour for people to engage in the activities in the Keukenhof Gardens. Moreover, visitors will have to look over other people’s heads when they try to catch a glimpse of the tulip fields. The sun, the large crowd, and the long lines are all a recipe for a disastrous weekend trip.

Plan ahead to avoid a disastrous weekend trip at the Keukenhof Gardens. Buy tickets online to schedule trips on weekdays and avoid long queues.

A Field Like No Other

Everyone can enjoy the Keukenhof Gardens. Majority of the visitors are seniors and families with kids. The park seems to attract tourists from Asian countries, especially those from regions that do not have a spring season. Many couples often take their wedding photos from the park because of its indescribable beauty. The garden is appropriate for all ages and remains one of the best tourist destinations in Holland.

If you do not like to stand in large crowds, there are a lot of tulip fields around Lisse that are less packed compared to Keukenhof Gardens. Also, the Netherlands is a country full of fantastic destinations. While Keukenhof is one of the most advertised places to visit, tourists can find other ways to make their trips worthwhile. The Jordaan and Amsterdam’s Canals are an iconic place that is often a set for Hollywood movies. A water taxi or boat trip will give you a great view of Amsterdam’s urban life. The Hoge Veluwe National Park is also another place that piques the interest of tourists during spring. The park comes to life in movies and is a perfect place for a photo shoot.

The city also houses some of the most remarkable museums in the world like the Van Gogh Museum, Anne Frank Museum, and the Rijksmuseum. The Kinderdijk village boasts the 19 largest and most preserved windmills in the world. Fans of medieval history will have a great time visiting the Historic Valkenburg and Kasteel De Haar.

In conclusion, the trip to Keukenhof Gardens is an exhilarating experience during your visit. The best time to visit the beautiful Keukenhof Gardens is during a weekday morning in one day of April’s last two weeks to enjoy the full bloom of Holland tulips and avoid the large crowds.