Croatia homes some of the world’s most beautiful cities. It doesn’t come as a surprise that there are many stunning and unique activities in every town. Split is full of delightful taste, sights, and adventures. If you’re planning on taking a trip to Croatia, don’t miss out on this beautiful city.

A City Rich with History

Every great adventure starts with a few lessons about history. Luckily, Split has one remarkable story in which many people are drawn too. In particular, the city is home to Diocletian’s Palace built by a Roman emperor. The palace used to have stunning arched entrances, which now serves as the entrance to the city. Be blown away by Split’s history and take a stroll down memory lane at this city.

Indulge in Unique Dalmatian Flavors

There’s no better way to enjoy Split but to indulge in authentic Dalmatian flavors. Split offers a wide variety of seafood and exotic tastes and flavors. You won’t leave disappointed. Visiting the old town isn’t complete unless you have a feast and try the city’s seafood. Former emperor Diocletian was fond of seafood, and people back then would heavily rely on fish like sardines, and vegetables, for sustenance. Back then, meat was still rare, which is why the town thrived on seafood.

If you’re looking for some authentic Dalmatian food, the Konoba Varoš offers flavors unique to your taste buds. One of their famous dishes is called isopod peke, which is a combination of fresh grilled fish and octopus. Though the recipe sounds plain and simple, the flavors are the complete opposite. The dish has some of the most refreshing flavors, and you can appreciate how fresh the ingredients are.

If you want something homier, the Villa Spiza offers a wide array of food. The restaurant is also known for its unique menu, which changes every day. There’s always something new to try. But if there’s one dish which you need to try, it’s their gregada. The recipe is a fish casserole, which will leave you craving for more of it.

Looking for something more laid back and relax? The Zlatna Ribica is home for people who want a decent and straightforward meal, which packs a lot of flavor. It’s the right place for anyone to wind down, especially if you’ve had a long day around town. The restaurant is also conveniently located right across from the fish market, which means that you can expect only the freshest ingredients.

Drink Your Day Away

A past time which many Dalmatians enjoy is drinking a cup of coffee. The activity sounds simple, but everything about it is majestic. Coffee shops look like a set out of a movie, where people enjoy their coffee under the sun, shaded by a single umbrella. Many people also enjoy drinking their coffee as it allows them to wind down and converse with other people.

While you’re enjoying your cup of coffee, don’t forget to strike up a conversation with a local. They’ll enjoy talking to you, and you can learn more about the town. Riva is the best place to get your coffee fix, and it offers a great view of the Adriatic sea. You can drink your coffee while admiring the beautiful town and its backdrop.

Unknown to some, Dalmatians make excellent wine. Indulge and treat yourself in a wine tasting at the Paradox. Their professional sommelier can discuss with you their different wines, and tell you more about how the process goes and explain each flavor. They can also help you choose the type of wine which are well suited for a specific time of the year.

Take in the City

The town is beautiful in itself, but there are many attractions which you can visit to add more spice to your adventure. You can start with visiting one of the famous villas in Split, home to Ivan Meštrović, one of the most celebrated modern sculptor in Croatia. The villa used to be his summer home, but now it’s transformed into a beautiful gallery which showcases his work. His sculptures are made of materials like wood, marble, and bronze, and you can find all these around the area.

If you want to wind down and be one with the locals, you can also enjoy live performances around the city. Spend a lovely evening watching concerts, and some of them may even be free. Riva usually hosts a lot of shows, especially in the summer. When you visit during the summer season, you’re in for a treat because there are opera performances, and classical music playing.

Fashion is very important to Croatians, and the looks are unique in Split. Today, there are many rising Croatian designers, which showcases a bit of modern and traditional looks. Their fashion is an excellent opportunity for you to understand how Dalmatians see beauty, and how style has evolved for them. These upcoming designers showcase a lot of unique looks.

Easy Activities

If you want to relax and immerse yourself in the culture and the people, a quick stroll to the beach should do the trick. The beaches in Croatia are beautiful, and it overlooks some of the best views of the island and the nearby seas. The beaches are a perfect and famous hang out a spot among many, since it’s usually clean and it provides perfect shades for visitors. Many people also enjoy swimming at the beaches, as the waters are warm and perfect for any day.

If you’d prefer something green, there’s a nature park which is frequented by many tourists and locals. The park offers some spectacular views of the island, overlooking the neighboring town. It also offers three sets of pictures of the sea, and the park is a great escape towards nature. Although walking or hiking along the mountain seems like a simple activity, you’d never be able to experience nature and the beauty of Split without visiting the park.

Split is a gem in Croatia. Though tuck amongst the charming neighborhoods, the city is worth every person visit. The city offers a great combination of sight, sounds, flavors, and experiences. There’s always something for everyone to do, and everyone who visits is in for a treat.