Saving money for a European getaway? Contrary to what most people think, you don’t need to spend a fortune to visit Europe. CNN says that according to an annual report published in the yearly City Costs Barometer of the UK Post Office, tourists visiting Europe are now spending their money wisely.

Vacationers are now heading to cost-effective European destinations for a fun and relaxing Eurotrip on a budget, here are four of the best.

Vilnius, Lithuania

This is a medieval town with lovely natural landscapes. The buildings and structures in the capital city have a baroque-style architecture which has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is said that the Old Town’s history goes back to as far as the Stone Age. The UK Post Office said that a trip to Vilnius would only cost less than $195 including a two-night accommodation in a 3-star hotel. 

Belgrade, Serbia

Another exciting yet affordable city to visit is Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. Traveling to Belgrade is not about the fantastic attractions, but it’s about the atmosphere and the experience. The city is a mixture of modern and history while the people are worth coming back for more. The Barometer says you can visit Serbia for just less than $200.              

Warsaw, Poland

Warsaw is the largest city and the capital of Poland. Every part of the city breathes history from the Gothic cathedrals to the neoclassical palaces. The Old Town has been completely restored after WWII, but it looks very lively and inspiring. The center of Warsaw is the Market Square where it’s best to shop and eat. The Barometer says that you can tour Warsaw with just less than $215.

Istanbul, Turkey

It is very affordable to visit Istanbul, according to the Barometer. It is the principal city in Turkey and has served as the corridor to reach Asia from Europe and vice versa. It has iconic structures with Muslim, Roman, Egyptian, and Christian influences. Istanbul is the best place to experience different food and to experience new cultures. It is a historic city worthy of your visit this year.