Every country hopes to gain revenue from their created tourist-friendly cities and culture. However, some travelers want to experience the endangered list of untouched paradises that the world can still offer. Mozambique, a country located in Southeast Africa, sits beside the famous tourist site, Madagascar. Unlike its neighbor, Mozambique remains barely explored by tourists and beachgoers. Unknown to most people, Mozambique is home to a small town named Tofo. If you are looking for an isolated adventure in a remote and pure beach while still engaging in an exciting nightlife, you need to visit Tofo.

Observe the Magical Aquatic Life

Tofo boasts one of the remaining places on Earth where you can find gigantic whale sharks and mantas. The aquatic animals are always present in the diving areas, which means that you will be swimming with giants when you go scuba-diving in Tofo. During the months between October and March, you may find yourself with over 50 whale sharks. The large mammals are friendly enough for you to swim by their sides, which will give you an exciting story to tell your friends when you go home. You can also exchange stories and tips with the locals on how to swim with the gentle whale shark. When you start to feel confident in the waters of Tofo, you may even get a PADI certification for yourself.

If you are not sure about your scuba diving skills, you can still admire the whale shark from the surface by going ocean safari snorkeling. You may observe the whale sharks’ scale patterns from a safe distance. During the winter season, you can also witness humpback whales rising out of the water to make huge splashes.

If you are looking for an educational adventure, you can hire Peri-Peri Divers. The dive operators in Peri-Peri Divers have a Marine Megafauna Foundation to come with every trip to answer all of the tourists’ questions about the aquatic creatures they are about to meet. The Marine Megafauna Foundation also hosts events and talks about marine conservation and preservation during Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

Ride the Waves

You can find a lot of surfing spots all around the world. However, nothing beats the exhilarating experience of catching waves with dolphins cheering you on from below. If the waves with dolphins present a difficult challenge for beginner surfers, they can still find a lot of beach destinations that will be friendlier for their skill level. Tofo has a lot of beaches that can attract the best surfers in the world because of its uncrowded atmosphere.

The beach bay has protection from the elements, giving beginning surfers gentle waves to conquer. If you have advanced skills in riding the waves, you can head to the more massive swells or the reef. The reef break is only a short walk from the beach in Tofo.

The Surf Shack provides a small group of tourists with boards and lessons. You can also purchase individual training upon request. You may also engage in small talks with locals and fellow tourist surfers if you want more pointers on how to ride the waves in Tofo.

Sailing and Other Water Activities

Tofo also offers ways for people to explore the ocean further. Tourists can book a tour to Pig Island to go sailing. Using traditional African boats, tourists can observe the peaceful waters of the sea and meet the locals of the island. You will get to meet the chief and engage in the local tribe’s culture, eat their food, and experience their lifestyle. On your way back to Tofo, you can stop by famous snorkeling sites as part of your tour. 

Snorkeling, surfing, and diving are not the only water activities you can do in Tofo. If you want to engage in a less extreme outdoor activity, you can try kayaking. Kayaking allows you to watch aquatic animals in an undisturbed environment. You may spot the fins of whale sharks going above the surface or a turtle’s head trying to get a breath of air. However, you need to coordinate with the locals to see if it is safe to paddle in the ocean. The sea conditions may not be suitable for calm activities.

You can also go wave skiing or paddleboarding when you book through the dive schools available by the beach. Waveskiing enables you to ride waves while sitting down on a giant surfboard. Paddleboarding is also a popular choice among tourists, especially when the waters are calm. Paddleboarding may be scary if there are small waves in the sea. However, you may be able to ride the waves to the shore if you start to get confident with your skills in paddleboarding.

If you happen to have a day to rest during your trip to Mozambique, you can take boat trips to offshore islands. You can join locals sail to unoccupied territory and enjoy a beautiful day under the sun in isolation. You can also bring your food and drinks on the island. However, some tourists would like to go for a peaceful swim. Tofo provides those tourists with an ideal place for beachgoers.

Get Dirty with Trail Biking

The beach is the most famous tourist attraction for Tofo visitors. However, water activities and aquatic animals are not the only things that can garner attention in the South African tourist haven. If you are looking for adventure on land, you can go on a quad bike tour with your friends. Your bike guides will lead you and your friends to an exciting trip around Tofo and its neighboring town, Barra.

The four-wheel daredevil journey will get your blood pumping with challenging dirt roads and chilling wind. You need to check your vehicle’s brakes and steering-wheel before your ride to avoid accidents. Some tourists may bring along their mountain bikes on their trip to Tofo. The off-trails, dirt roads, and dunes offer a unique challenge for mountain bikers.

Enjoy the Nightlife

Tofo has a small population, which means you will encounter fewer people trying to enjoy the night near the beach. However, Dino’s Beach Bar and Hotel Tofo Mar can provide you with evening drinks and music to enjoy your trip with your friends. You should also try the delicacies in Tofo. You can avail the Tofo Life ecotour to give you a glimpse of the community in the town. A half-day tour will introduce you to the traditional Tofo dish matapa, which is made from peanut, coconut milk, and cassava leaves. Matapa comes best with the spicy peri-peri sauce. A matapa is a dish that makes sure you will leave with a full belly.

You can also try the Casa de Comer restaurant. The restaurant’s menu consists of African dishes, seafood, and vegetarian meals. Casa de Comer is only 100 meters away from the beach. You may also try other local recipes at Tofo Tofo.

Find the Best Place to Stay for Your Adventure

Hotels in Tofo often have their bars and restaurants available for their guests. If you want to stay at a hotel with a modern room, you can check at hotels like Hotel Tofo Mar, Casa Do Mar, and Mozambeat. However, you can book at Baia Sonambula and Casa Malcampo if you want to sleep in a room that is close to nature. There are also a lot of affordable lodges and hostels available for solo travelers. Finding the right lodging is essential in your trip to Tofo as it can set your mood for the adventure. A bungalow is perfect for people who want to sit down and relax while a hotel room offers you a chance to refresh after a day of tiring activities.

Looking for the perfect country for your next travel adventure is difficult if you already know what to expect. Because of the lack of information on Tofo, you will get an adrenaline rush by trying to plan your trip around the town. When you get there, you may end up straying away from your itinerary because you will not receive the same experience from other tourist attractions. Tofo provides a tourist with an unexplored haven and a refreshing experience. You can choose to be adventurous during the trip, or you can take a relaxing dip at the beach. The sure thing is you will experience something out of the ordinary in the small town of Tofo. You will get an experience that will be incomparable.